AP loves it. The Royal Oak 26574ST men’s watch




AP loves it. The Royal Oak 26574ST men’s watch! The experience of perfection and personality!
1 “️diameter 41MM!
2 ‘️is equipped with customized Cal.5134 movement for perfect reduction.
3 “️calendar, week, month, moon phase and other functions are true and can be used normally.” (optional steel belt style, adhesive tape style, belt style)
The 3 ‘️watch case is made of 316L stainless steel, the whole case is treated with high precision CNC, and its density is consistent with that of the original!
4 “️literally presents perfectly in accordance with the original color!
5 “️shell ring opening.” Shell. The bottom cover three-piece set, the overall angle perfectly reflects the wire drawing technology, the integration of quality and beauty!


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