AP Royal Oak Series




AP Royal Oak series, model 15500OR, from the hands of Zunda, the greatest watch master of our time, the design is rough and flamboyant, the special octagonal porthole bezel is closely combined with the watch case with 8 hexagonal screws, which is highly recognizable and stable. the structural design of the inner tank makes it have accidental anti-magnetic and excellent diving performance to protect the stability of the movement! Black dial, large lattice decoration, with rose gold fluorescent stereo time scale and royal oak hands, anti-dazzling treatment sapphire crystal mirror, 50m waterproof, super luminous! Literally, the convex lattice has a mapping circle spreading from the inside to the outside, and the effect of three-dimensional exquisite can not be compared with that of ordinary goods on the market! Hand-sewn “square check” black crocodile leather strap! Although some of the accessories of this watch come from the domestic foundry of AP through our channels, as the second largest watch brand in the world, the movements of this brand are all self-produced and only assembled in Switzerland, and the after-sales problems of AP movements can only be sent back to Switzerland! There is no doubt about the stability of the original imported movement and our lifetime warranty! Distribution of a full set of packaging, whether gift-giving or self-retention is a boutique.


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