Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15400 Series




Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15400 series top single quality (original rare cow goods) on the market only and the original universal interchangeable version of each accessory, dial four colors optional, black, blue, white, gray ruthenium color, dial “big lattice” decorative pattern with platinum stereo fluorescent time markers and royal oak hands, the strongest “king of steel watches”, AP can best show men’s tough style charm! Dial size 41mm thickness 9.8mm original consistent! The watch case strap is made of the original imported stainless steel, the hard wear-resistant watch strap is exquisite brushed and will not be sharp, which perfectly deduces the meticulous and exquisite details of the original, deeply reflecting the noble atmosphere of the steel king. The head of the watch is connected to the head with the same movable head design as the original, the switch texture of the buckle and the carving technology of each part are consistent with the original, the literal workmanship and color and the original have no chromatic difference, and the bottom cover is polished with fine steel wiredrawing, the mirror surface of sapphire is transparent and clear, and the movement can be seen at a glance through the glass cover, and the movement is equipped with the original 3120 movement, the real non-card integrated movement. The direction of the movement swing wheel can be seen whether it is consistent with the original, the market boasts that many movements are 9015 plus deck movements understand, a penny expensive goods are expensive reason! Professional lifetime warranty, human factors cause only the cost of spare parts, to achieve a perfect humanized service customer satisfaction index! The counter is packed and shipped in full set. Giving it to others for their own use is the best choice!


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