Audemars Piguet Royal Oak




Audemars Piguet Royal Oak
Model 152070R.00.12400R.01 color-shock launch: remove the excess parts of the movement deck to make it more hollowed out-the pinnacle of steel watch-strength deduction to defend the title of “steel” king!
[6 subtleties]
1. Genuine disassembly mold, the size of 41X10.4 mm is the same as the authentic!
two。 Perfectly restore every detail of the authentic watch case, showing the masculine temperament of the authentic “sharp and resolute”.
3. The workmanship of the steel strip is impeccable. Compared with any steel belt watch on the market, please climb to another tall building. The “buffer band” connecting the head grain of the steel strip and the watch head is exactly the same as the authentic one.
4. Literally, the VS1.2 natural real diamond certificate issued by the authoritative national inspection agency GTC real diamond
5. The automatic Tuo and the original salute are the only version on the market whose color is the same as the original version (the general version is red on the market). The ap emblem carving on it is unique. 6. Break the splint concept and change the imported movement to Audemars Piguet CAL.4302 all-in-one! More stable, better, more real.
7. The “cookie texture” of the dial is three-dimensional and full of energy. It is by no means an ordinary small factory that is out of its mind.

Experience subtlety and feel different! Must be a boutique!


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