Bulgari Serpenti Seduttori




Bulgari Serpenti Seduttori
Since ancient times, snake patterns have often appeared in jewelry. As a symbol of wisdom, rebirth and vitality, it is both an ornament and an amulet. Today, when it comes to serpents, people immediately think of Bulgari, which exerts its elements to the extreme, and its most representative serpenti series is unforgettable.
Gilded snake shadow is like the entanglement between the wrists of spirit snakes, a comfortable and supple feeling to wear, which is necessary in summer. The watch uses cold silver and white snakehead logo shape, unique personality! Leprechaun form.
Slim case, more suitable for girlish temperament, 18k gold package, with convex round egg face cut pink tourmaline handle, 904 medical steel hexagonal independent snake scale watch chain, with folding buckle, snake scale lines into it, the watch strap is not only cool and comfortable to wear, but also will not feel sticky because of sweating, winding between the wrists. Bulgari watches break through the shackles of the dreary strap in the traditional sense, and the Serpenti Seduttori gilded Snake Shadow Watch is a new interpretation of the unlimited charm of women.

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