Bv Bulgari




Bv Ms. Bulgari quartz watch, this watch uses the logo logo as the design element, 316L case ring unique double-ring engraving, its original inspiration from the ancient coin arc inscription, authentic counter movement, original accessories assembly, can use such a low price to buy the same counter movement and other accessories products have been super cost-effective, the original single-stage, can use the authentic movement represents its fine workmanship will not be bad, know it A total of 2 4 colors, diamond dial with 12 1.0-size natural diamonds, bar nail dial bar nail decoration, are all solar radiation lines, sapphire glass, Pakistan inlaid natural pink Jasper, 33mm size, 50 meters waterproof, one watch one yard, stainless steel strap, each belt is independently polished, smooth sand clear, complex technology, with a full set of counter packaging, send people for personal use are good

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