Cajia Blue Balloon Series




Send a high-grade leather belt, to a different black face! Cajia blue balloon series men’s 42mm machinery arrived, the original Swiss EAT-2824 movement, men’s and women’s size determines their movement is different, men’s machine is more high-end, and with a calendar, so the market describes that the 2671 is really 🤭.
Mechanical watches compared to quartz watches although high-end, but many people do not know much about mechanical watches, so there may be a lot of problems compared to quartz due to operational or common sense problems. The profit is not as high as the quartz watch, so it belongs to the thankless money.
But there are still many people like mechanical style, this is the difference between real things and works of art, and quartz watches and smart watches are all real things, although these watches produced by mechanized mass production or modern assembly line are called watches, but works of art and real objects are actually “very different”, or even “very different”.
Sold a lot of quartz blue balloons, I believe everyone knows the quality of our family, you take it out in and out of the counter you do not have any pressure, even if you go to the counter to adjust the length of the entire watch strap, the teller who looks at the counter goods for a long time can not see the difference, so you wear it out to put 120 hearts!
There are also some notes for mechanical watches:
This automatic winding watch belongs to Cartier, its energy comes from the movement of the wearer’s arm, so it does not need to be wound manually under normal wearing conditions, only when the wearer does not have enough exercise to add enough energy to the clockwork, it may need to be adjusted manually, which is also a lot of places where mechanical watches are easy to misunderstand and always feel that there is something wrong with the watch. In addition, in order to prevent moisture from seeping into the watch case and maintain the waterproof performance of the mechanical watch, please make sure that the crown is locked after debugging the watch. There is also a common sense that waterproof meters are only daily waterproof, hot water can not be prevented sometimes, you can check the relevant knowledge! With the highest version of the market packaging can be comparable to the original packaging, gift-giving decent!


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