Cartier blue balloon




AF is the most powerful masterpiece! The latest version of Cartier 42mm Blue Balloon Men’s Watch 2020! Hot attack!
2020 new watch! It’s very different from the version 19 years ago.
The whole is more exquisite formal attire! The dial is slightly yellowish double tone, the Roman scale black mimeograph is more three-dimensional and plump, all the English fonts of Maitou are corrected, the new version is clearer, while the middle chrysanthemum lines are clear, showing more stereoscopic visual enjoyment! The new buckle of the steel belt has been changed to make it thinner, smaller and more refined! The overall steel grain of the watch band is also slightly different from the previous version! AF is doing a great job!

AF comprehensive revision and upgrade! Strive to perform perfectly as follows:
1. Shell cover: Swiss grade Seiko polishing! Original blue spinel crown! The shell shape Radian, the crescent position type texture is invincible! Perfect sapphire fisheye bubble crystal mirror plus crescent 🌙 opening! Multiple sets of combined shell sleeves are rigorous, exquisite and fine! 3 degrees strong waterproof! The boutique watch strap polishes and pulls the yarn to the top! Case back cover logo, using German CNC carving restoration, twin effect! 8 authentic screws! The above accessories! Can be interchangeable with the original watch! No difference!
two。 Dial interior: authentic factory level literal! The most difficult copy! Top pure burning steel blue pointer! The silver-gray font of the calendar bar is the same thickness! Kill all versions of the market in seconds! The abnormal reproduction request of AF! The strongest chase!
3. Movement: the use of Top class sea fight 2824 movement! After master’s ultra-fine assembly, the movement is very stable, the timing is accurate, and there are very few repairs! It’s worth having!
4. One watch number one, one hanging card, three yards in one! Scan the code data with the authentic! The counter no longer uses red warranty cards and so on! And use the way of large invoice! We didn’t copy the invoice! Also do not do those fake packaging in the market! The AF watch bag is the same as the authentic one! Super counterfeit! Welcome to taste!
5. The best performance-to-price ratio! Three versions! Steel belt! Crocodile skin! Italian cowhide! Good value for money! If you buy it, you earn it!

AF, only compare with the authentic! We can provide you with the original watch.


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