Cartier Mountain is full of stars.




The new Cartier Mountain Tushi all over the sky is shocking! The whole bezel mouth is inlaid with square stone, and all literal all diamond colors can be matched with each other at will. the most unique thing is that the T-square mosaic ring mouth is extremely difficult and the most complex machine adopts the most advanced and top-level mosaic technology. the workmanship details of the factory are of first-class quality.

📛 key point 1 ️this watch key details of the steel belt ring position is not the figure of screws, updated, but the use of diamonds instead of screws to look more high-grade and noble overall process makes the whole table look very amazing, in order to achieve non-screw steel belt ring mouth, the effect has experienced countless attempts, while maintaining the thickness of the original watch band, but also to ensure a perfect mosaic effect
1,904 stainless steel, size 40mm, stable 8215 movement, steady when walking!
2. Swiss craft fired steel watch hands, equipped with blue glass antireflective white film / anti-dazzle / anti-hand lines.
3. The whole table is inlaid with 4555 diamonds by hand, with 360 degrees shining without dead corners, with the largest number of gems so far. Luxury can not be completely summarized, more noble + dazzling. Wear absolutely yyds watch strap without screws diamond strap glittering strap is very comfortable! Welcome to taste!


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