Cartier platinum blue balloon men’s watch




Cartier platinum blue balloon men’s watch. The original automatic mechanical movement, the watch case covers 18k white gold, the precious metal imprint is complete, never fade, synchronous rice white literal dial, pure Australian crocodile skin, and a pair of original stainless steel strap, unique bottom cover ID number, the whole watch case is treated with batch gold, the thickness is up to 10 filaments, and the buckle of the never-fading bottom cover can clearly see the dog head mark, the sky mark, the 750 precious metal mark and the brand mark. These marks are the important features of Cartier’s official platinum model which is different from the steel case. The watch case scans the original through the German CNC numerical control equipment and forms the case once, which ensures the same elegant shell type as the original. Even the grooves inside the handle bridge are exactly the same. The inner cover, bottom cover and shell are available for the loss of authentic accessories. With the original thickness of 13mm, with a full set of packaging, lifetime warranty.


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