Cartier Santos




The new Cartier Santos men’s 40mm. Women’s 35mm. The breakthrough point of the upgrade is that the watch chain uses the patented SmartLink “watch chain adjustment device to quickly remove the watch strap without any tool, which is a bright spot of super convenience. Each watch has a unique code that does not repeat the new Santos case width 39.8mm thickness 9.08mm sapphire glass side shows water ripples, equipped with a replacement fully automatic mechanical movement MIYOTA-9015 (with the original 1847MC automatic hammer) 48-hour kinetic energy storage accurate distinguishing market goods have several major features. Highlight 1: dial literal Roman font clear and neat other factory literal logo font thin color light bright spot 2: watch strap QuickSwitch “replaceable device, not the market can be imitated, the only perfect restoration of authentic. Highlight 3: the color of the head is blue, not the market version. Highlight 4: each screw of the watch band is carefully polished and the flatness is consistent with the problem that the gap between the watch band is too large. Highlight 5: the movement adopts 9015 movements imported from Japan. Modified original uniform 1847 automatic hammer, regardless of stable performance, travel time accuracy, kinetic energy duration, disassembly appearance inspection, without exception, highly recognized by the industry, from the inside to the outside to achieve a perfect peak. Highlight 6: 18K gold industry’s highest standard Au750 electroplated watch case, bright and natural color! With a full set of the latest top-level packaging for personal use are super high-end!


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