Cartier TANK ANGLAISE series




~ 11 vvs real diamonds + 18K thick gold
One certificate and one code with official authoritative testing certificate! Cartier TANK ANGLAISE series of classic masterpieces show your spirit!
18K real gold thick gold (warranty for 10 years) one certificate and one yard with official authoritative testing certificate!
Cartier TANK ANGLAISE series classic masterpiece, rose gold color retro style fashion, at the same time a kind of retro safe, very rare.!
Among the many classic styles created by Cartier, the Tank watch is definitely the “classic of the classics”. It appears in the wrists of countless royal aristocrats and celebrities. These lists are long and loud. Edward VIII, Muhammad Ali, Woody Allen, Audrey Hepburn, Princess Diana. But it doesn’t matter how many celebrities love Tank, what’s more important is whether we like Tank watches or not!
ANGLAISE draws inspiration from the top view of the British tank, integrates the tank outline into the watch design, introduces a new design concept, integrates the case ear into one, strengthens the connecting structure between the ear and the case, and changes the popular round curve of the watch model. The harmonious design inherits the balance of the Cartier’s consistent style to simple lines, and the classic elements inherit the original flavor.
In shape and style, the corners of the ears are round and soft, and the geometric tension is gentle, which makes the whole look smooth, exquisite, elegant, low-key and noble, and a luxurious charm makes it more comfortable to wear. The case and bracelet are polished with bright surface supplemented by wire drawing, which is staggered and exquisite, and the iconic crown of the nine corners is three-dimensional and clear, which is convenient for time adjustment. Exclusive use of imported raw ore (0.8 carat of original uniform multi-section spinel orchid transparent / diamond-encrusted version)
The watch comes with stainless steel and American crocodile skin to meet different wearing needs!
The use of imported American alligator, multi-color optional, each support the network can be checked, the original folding buckle, easy to wear, service, comfortable!
Each screw of the steel belt adopts the original movable head shaking screw technology, which can effectively avoid the embarrassment of falling off in the wearing process, the overall polishing superb luster surging, compact structure, flexible and flexible! Can be original interchangeable without pressure!
Silver-plated sun dial, printed clearly, full edges neat and no difference from the original! The finishing touch pen marks the sword-shaped quenched blue steel pointer, the process shape and size are all consistent with the original! Size: 30.2*22.7mm thickness 7.19mm equipped with Cartier cal.057 special quartz movement


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