Cartier tank




Kajia tank alligator leather real diamond trumpet, table diameter 31mm*24mm, Swiss quartz movement, 36 VS1.1 real diamonds! It has been certified by the authority of Chinese GTC testing organization. Earlier, the quality of our ordinary belt tanks is obvious to all! At the request of some high-end customers, once again out of the high-end version of the real diamond version of the crocodile belt! Accessories and movements are also painstaking efforts to get!
The Cartier Tank Tank series was first born in 1917. Its design concept is derived from the parallel section of the French Veyron tank and the strip steel design evolved from the tank track shape, coupled with Roman numeral time scales, retro without losing introversion.
The current version is already the best match in the market! Some professional watch players can see it from the details! The authentic product is completely disassembled and opened! And use the original factory movement to really drill the imported crocodile skin! High-end luxury is one of the masterpieces that ended in 18 years this year!

What is the difference between the top version and the authentic goods on the market, and why is the price so different? The problem is simple. Omitting any link from finely polished accessories to the movement will save you unexpected costs. Take the movement for example, there are 10-20 pieces, hundreds of pieces, thousands of pieces. We all use imported Swiss quartz movements, and the market imitation watches are mostly controlled by appearance, so on the level, we can just bluff on the appearance of domestic movements. This is a place out of sight.
And then to the small details! Each of our accessories has an accurate number, so the factory code corresponding to the bottom cover is also a table and a code! Besides, the real diamond 💎 we use is not a hoax! There is a national authoritative testing institution testing certificate! Support re-inspection!


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