CHANEL BOY- FRIEND WATCH! A real rock candy watch with a 6W counter, calculate how much money I have saved for you.

This batch of original movements were ordered through a trading company, and some people will ask how can they order things of the brand? Guests who know about watches should know that quartz movements are generally not produced by brands themselves, and they are also ordered from movement factories or traders, and most of the watches are general-purpose movements, so they can be bought through regular channel trading companies. The domestic contract manufacturer of the watch case has strict control, so it is not easy to get it. You can’t buy it if you want to buy it.

This is the same thing as ZG, black and white, get the counter 6W experience, this kind of fashion high-end watch has always been our strongest product, regular customers must enter ~

Exclusive real diamond, real movement, original shell, movement for the original Swiss 280.002 movement, ️head material of black spinel material!
The mirror is made of sapphire crystal, the case is made of 904L steel, the strap is made of imported calfskin, and the color is dull!

With a full set of gift box packaging, high-end goods sent to people, self-use are extremely stylish, and do not pick people everywhere, this is the charm of Chanel ~

Color: black and white
Diameter: 21x27mm set with 42 anti-foot diamonds (approx. 0.5ct)


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