CHANEL Chanel J12 series




The blockbuster reappearance ‼ finally won the original channel J12 not only the watch case but also the original movement. It is not a fashion watch chasing fashion, but a professional integration of precision design, traditional watchmaking technology and classical aesthetics. What moves me is not only its elegant and simple lines, pure and meaningful tone, but also her perfect pursuit of every detail.
Everyone can forcefully bomb your moments and push the spring masterpiece ‼ up to beat all the quartz products on the market! CHANEL Chanel J12 series, counter quality calendar synchronized with authentic 4.5 word vertical font, imported Swiss counter movement of the same type (zero fault) high-tech precision ceramics with steel screw crown, sapphire glass mirror, original quartz movement size 33mm, triple folding stainless steel clasp waterproof 200m. After packaging, it is equipped with non-wearing non-detached film bag to replace non-man-made damage free warranty.


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