CHANEL Chanel J12 series




After a rough year, the goods arrived! This watch is Chanel classic BOY.FRIEND real diamond series watches, watch diamonds all a professional corresponding identification certificate! All the blind bing you see are real diamonds! What a diamond! In fact, there is no need for me to say more about whether it looks good or not. Super greasy watch, life needs a little sense of ritual, a little bit of sentiment this is a beautiful watch that becomes a lady in a second! This is a watch that shows your charm as soon as you start! This is a watch that you can’t extricate yourself from. 1 “️dial diameter 26.7mm X 34.6mm2” ️dial around 64 real diamonds, all can be tested by a third party! 3 “️she is a status symbol decoration is very strong! Improving personal temperament is not a dream! The whole body is made of 904L stainless steel, waterproof and durable. It’s not good stuff. I don’t recommend it! Absolute trend vane, in a certain east platform in the contract factory orders, finally find the opportunity to grab a batch from the factory, speed grab!


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