Di rudder Biwan series



The hottest product of the year in ZF [red and blue classic retro style]
ZF shocked the launch of the Greenwich watch of the rudder Biwan series. The traditional design combines Greenwich’s “red and blue” classics to achieve the best of this retro movement.
[watch case] ZF perfectly restores the matte wire drawing shell with 41mm diameter, and the beveled edge is polished without scratching, thus achieving the original hard and smooth lines. The two-way rotatable “red and blue cola ring” is made of anodic alumina (the material corresponds to the original version) to highlight the professional reproduction details of the manufacturer.
[mirror] use sapphire crystal glass to restore the authentic retro and nostalgic pot cover shape
[watch strap] synchronous original “rivet” stainless steel strap, finely polished, with solid links, both sides of which are connected by rivet heads, showing a unique stepped structure, the edges and clasps of the strap are round and not sharp, easy to wear and comfortable to use.
[movement] the modified MT5652 movement of Seagull 2836 with excellent performance is adopted, and its function is 100% consistent with the authentic one.
ZF product, must be a boutique! The hottest product of the year


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