Dituobiwan series



ZF Factory2023 best boutique of the year [Qicheng Biwan retro chic] ZF shocking launch-Dituo Biwan series red and blue circle GMT watch! Ingenious integration of brand traditional aesthetics and contemporary watchmaking technology, extremely retro charm.
1 ‘️case size 41mm x 11.9mm Magi ZF precisely restores a lighter and thinner case, reducing the distance between the ears to 20mm, just the right proportion, making it more suitable for a slim wrist. The exquisite and extraordinary case, the beveled edge is polished by the ZF watchmaker and does not scratch the hands, thus realizing the perfect taste of the original hard and retro.
2 “️[strap] synchronous original” rivet “stainless steel strap, which combines comfortable hand-holding and exquisite retro in one body.” Polished and exquisite, using solid links, both sides of the links are connected by rivet heads, showing a unique stepped structure, the edges and clasps of the watch strap are round and not sharp, easy to wear and comfortable to use.
3The ️[movement] adopts the seagull 2824 self-winding movement with excellent performance, which is 100% consistent with the authentic one!
ZF Factory ingenuity works to welcome your taste!


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