Hublot (Hengbao) HUBLOT!




💍 Hublot (Hengbao) HUBLOT 💍-brave and fearless, boxing, referred to as “HUB” and “Hengbao” BigBang Big Bang element material Chronograph v2 version ❶ case adopts imported 316 stainless steel material design sense explosion ❷ equipped with 7750 changed to “HUB1242” automatic movement timing instant start and one button fly back perfect restore the original function secondary weight increase automatic setting block to achieve more stable travel time and ultra-low repair rate ❸ strap adopts natural oak rubber strap super waterproof soft and comfortable ❹ mirror adopts natural sapphire Glass wear-resistant, scratch-resistant and transparent zero defects as a young brand Hublot with publicity of personality and unique design in high-end manufacturing to re-apply a brushstroke of youthful vitality will feel the freedom of youth with everyone! 💍 produced by ZY


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