IWC Wanguo launches new Bo Tao Fino series




IWC Wanguo launches the brand new wave fino series! Moon phase mechanical men’s watch! IW459401,IW459402 . The moon phase display is undoubtedly the most dreamy and beautiful of all complex functions. It is designed as a starry night sky, with the moon and stars floating in the boundless sky. The phase of the moon appears in different scenes-sometimes the moon flashes in the clouds and sometimes floats under the starry night sky. The willow-shaped hands outline the verve of time with an elegant posture. The imported fully automatic mechanical movement of the new customized version is accurate, stable and durable. The watch uses a beautifully shaped dome-shaped sapphire crystal glass mirror. The mirror is clear after double-sided anti-glare treatment, and the round Radian at the edge is elegant. The side of the crown is decorated with a simple triangular pit pattern, combined with a relatively prominent crown design, the upper chain feels very comfortable, the shape of the stainless steel case is round and exquisite, and the slightly curved Radian of its ear accords with ergonomics, fits the wrist and wears comfortably. Dial size ~ 40mm, the Bertafino watch collection has always been a modest gentleman in the world family, the perfect embodiment of implicit temperament and elegant taste. With its simple and timeless design, it has become one of the most popular watch collections of all watches and is favored by both men and women. Wanguo blends incomparably accurate performance and unique design, showing us a beautiful visual enjoyment. With a full set of packaging!


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