Jansdenton vc series of ladies’ quartz watches



I hear a lot of people are looking for him? 👇👇👇 Jansdenton vc Sihai series women’s quartz watch, this is a classic entry-level, diameter 33mm, both elegant appearance and practical functions, this quartz watch was born in the “Watch Empire” Switzerland, carefully made of polished steel, hexagonal three-dimensional bezel similar to the brand logo Maltese Cross, model 1205V/100A-B590/B591/B592 three models, blue, black, white / The bezel is inlaid with 78 1.3mm Swarovski section bright diamonds 💎 reshapes its brand labeling classic leisurely elegance and strong practical principles, is the fashion trend of the new generation of professional women’s daily life, which focuses on tracing the latest main color of major brands around the world, shaping this color in the most classic vertical and horizontal Sihai series, showing more elegant and elegant, simple crystal blue dial treated by rising sun satin brushing. Finished by Swiss foundry craftsmanship, the bright spots are meticulously displayed with a swan ðŸĶĒ velvet-like smooth edge, and through the dial you can see the reflection of the hands on the blue dial. The watch is like a clear lake. It is very beautiful. The hour hand has a white luminous coating, and you can read the time in a dark environment. The Swiss polishing process of the stainless steel case has smooth lines, delicate texture and comfortable feel. The crown is decorated with the Vacheron Constantin Maltese logo, which adds the unique beauty of the brand’s long history to the watch. The strap is imported Honey River crocodile. The CNWM crocodile skin is certified by China Wildlife Management special mark to finish the skin smoothness after pure manual water dyeing and three days polishing. All the edges are hand-sewn, reflecting all the process details and difficulties, with a higher value. The movement adopts Swiss ETA three-needle quartz movement with precision of 0 error, folding clasp, 50 m depth waterproof, sapphire crystal glass, with Mississippi alligator strap. * the only watch that is suitable for women to wear on any occasion.


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