Jijia Moon Phase Master Series




The top version of the Jijia moon phase master series fixes all the shortcomings of any version currently on the market. Classic moon phase dial, full of romantic feelings! The simple and capable shell is finely polished to ensure that the polishing process matches and the texture is synchronized with the authentic product. Equipped with crocodile leather leather strap, the diameter of the watch case 39mmX9.9mm is synchronized with the original. The 06:00 sub-disk has a double display of the Gregorian calendar, the lunar calendar (moon phase), and the moon phase turns around once a month, with the same function as the authentic one. The use of 9015 Jijia self-produced Cal.925/1 movement, 100% synchronization of the original movement. Stable when walking, strong in quality. Looking at the dial from the side, it is found that there is a slight Radian. In order to achieve this effect, it takes time and effort to adjust the mold many times to ensure that the charm and feeling are comparable to the original. Master of the moon phase of Jijia, satisfy all your beautiful feelings for the moon phase.


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