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Open time Jijia Reverso One Duetto double-sided flip series white face model: REF.3288560 red face model: REF.3288420 flip series imported German 316 upgraded steel model with delicate and slender line design, pure manual drawing process, with jewelry British inlay method 26 Vs real diamonds, slim wrist ingenious fit The legendary history behind the timeless imported craftsmanship to create a flip case stems from the advent of the Reverso flip collection, which stems from a challenge to create a watch for British officers stationed in India that can withstand shocks in fierce polo matches. The back of the watch can be skillfully flipped to the front to protect the dial from accidental impact from polo clubs. The Reverso Flip collection, born in 1931, draws inspiration from the simple lines of Art Deco, with a 70 per cent discount around the classic dial, a design that continues to this day. Flip watch case technology each part is polished by the German CNC (numerical control machine tool) to form a watch case that takes up to 8 hours plus engraving, gemstone inlaying or enamel painting. The strap is Mihe crocodile skin imported from China Wildlife Management, and the security logo is certified as CNWM. Every link needs strict control. Literally, there is also a back dial based on Duetto double-sided and Duoface double-sided double time zone design concept, demonstrating the exquisite watchmaking skills of big workshop craftsmen.


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