New Dituo Fashion Series



The new ‼️ Dituo fashion series was launched, which received wide attention when the new Dituo was released. The watch is equipped with Dituo Swiss imported movement, accurate timing, 38-hour power reserve, 41 mm stainless steel case, polished smooth steel outer ring full color, smooth lines. Inherit the brand’s iconic “snowflake” hands and diving time mark to add a brand charm to the watch, waterproof 100 meters in depth, each watch body with identity code and model, tag-bottom cover-card one code, tag bar code sweep model is the same as the watch / card, the original factory accessories equipped with the original movement with perfect details, giving you a cost-effective paradise …… The counter price is 17000 ➕ and the goods are shipped in full package. It’s a good choice to wear your own gift!


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