Omega-disc flying series-lovers’ watches



Omega-Disc Flying Series-lovers’ watches! Taiwan factory V factory authentic mold, 👏 literally consistent with the authentic use of arc moment Ding 👏 glass upgraded to high-definition arched double sapphire glass (display clearer, scratch-proof) 👏 steel strip back is also synchronized with the original laser batch number! It took 9 months to correct and upgrade many times to create the 1:1 shell and strive to be perfect. Men’s 39.5mm, women’s 32.7mm 👏! The style uses the original West Rail City 8215 ®movement, zero return repair ®quality ✅ style with Italian cowhide to make the wrist more comfortable 🗣 strap body / clasp engraved with the classic “OMEGA” logo, generous and elegant. In-kind shooting 🔰, please recognize the details!


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