Omega five-generation constellation real diamond style




The blockbuster new Omega five-generation constellation real diamond, the world Omega advertising crazy promotion, subway, airport, shopping malls big screen we must have seen, the degree of recognition is invincible, at a glance, there must be nothing wrong to buy it!
Large goods lasted for a year, and finally shipped, the production process is extremely harsh, the quantity is limited! Omega constellation series of the latest five-generation 28mm constellation quartz watch! The constellation series is the most classic one in the whole Omega series, and the female constellation is very feminine!
After the new five-generation constellation comes on the market, the four-generation constellation basically withdraws from the counter and stops selling. Buy the new, not the old!
Compared with the old four-generation constellation, the new model is upgraded in dial, hand, bottom cover, strap, movement and case! The details of the upgrade will be explained one by one in the details diagram! Equipped with the original 4061 movement (unique red Omega logo, rhodium-plated parts and spiral polishing)
With the continuous improvement of the previous generation of constellations, the degree of coincidence between the watch case and the bracket of the new generation of constellations. The Roman calibration method and the relief degree of the bottom cover are comparable to the original! The dial uses first-class mother-of-pearl to sparkle with 12 bright cut diamonds, and the case is inlaid with 36 VS1.4 South African natural diamonds. This data is bigger than four generations. With the certificate of Chinese GTC testing agency, the fake one is worth ten thousand! The market is exclusive and integrated with the original! The sand color of the watch band and shell is polished and the exquisite effect is the same as that of the original! There is also a 4061 movement blessing, in the real sense to give it a counter, this is the original! The original packaging of the matching counter is the best choice to bring your own gift!


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