Omega / Omega four-generation constellation eternal classic style




Omega / Omega four-generation constellation eternal classic real diamond!
Many guests in the constellation series are looking for this hard product on the surface of the constellation Fritillaria with a drill in the outer ring, a very excellent internal channel, and a small number of original real drill omega are left inside the contract factory. The quantity is limited, the watch case inlaid with 32 vs1.5 South African natural diamonds 💎 holds the certificate of Chinese gtc testing agency. Support reexamination! Good things are not always available. Take a fancy to start quickly, this constellation series. Quartz. Diamond women’s watch, watch diameter 27mm. Original Swiss quartz movement. Anti-dazzling sapphire mirror. Watch complete set of 316L steel without electric transfer of molten steel. Never fade, the butterfly clasp LoGo is made of 18K gold. And the head grain of the watch is by no means a protruding version of the market. Note, the font inside the watch band is made up of three different sizes and styles, and the font is clear and exquisite, not a font in the market, and the literal radial dial inlaid with real diamond scale is luxurious and elegant. The center pattern and star of the bottom cover are oil pressure molded, the texture is delicate, full and clear, there are mainly two levels of concave super three-dimensional sense, the quantity is limited, if there is any doubt about the counter authentic packaging, it does not affect the refund and exchange freedom of the secondary sales, and sell and cherish it.

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