Omega omega seahorse series diving watch




Omega omega seahorse series diving watch, equipped with the original Swiss cal8500 imported automatic mechanical movement, 42mm, case thickness 12mm, calendar model, 316 stainless steel case, bezel can be rotated in one direction, arched double-sided anti-reflective wear resistant sapphire glass mirror stainless steel rotary steel crown, 316 stainless steel strap with stainless steel folding buckle! A real three-in-one. The code on the shell on the back of each table is the independent ID number of each table. And the tag. The card is the same as the code. Watch No. 1, first of all, this is a diving watch, so the diving watch should have some functions, such as sultry night light, deep waterproofing, underwater timing and so on, but for this watch, I would like to talk more about the texture brought by it. Unlike the feeling of the working ghost, the seahorse will be more handy and natural, and the tacit understanding between the wrist and the watch body will rise very quickly! A good watch needs not only the perfect design of the designer, but also high-quality materials to reflect its value! With a full set of packaging! The good stuff is worth having!


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