Omega seahorse




Top channel goods are only the best, not better! The Ocean Universe 600m “1/4 Orange” carries the exclusive independent research and development of the original 8900 movement. Really make all kinds of details synchronized with the original. Kill all the versions on the market. The dial is made of imported raw materials polished ceramics, smooth and smooth, free of bubbles and powder, perfect size ~ 43.5mm, the length of the pointer is the same as the authentic one, just to the edge of the pin. Natural rubber is used in the orange scale position of one-fourth of the circle mouth, which makes it feel delicate. Extremely high-level feeling! Thousands of words come together into one sentence, love at first sight, goodbye infatuation! It’s definitely worth getting a good watch! Bottom cover, hanging tag, Boca, three-in-one, classic calendar, 316 stainless steel case, bezel can be rotated in one direction, sapphire crystal glass mirror, screw-in stainless steel crown, 316 steel strap with stainless steel original folding buckle! First of all, this is a diving watch, so the diving watch should have the function that there must be, smelly luminous, deep waterproof, exhaust valve. Underwater timing function and so on, but for this watch, I would like to talk more about the texture brought after using, unlike the feeling of the working ghost, the seahorse will be more close to the hand and nature, and the tacit understanding between the wrist and the watch body rises very fast at the first time! A good watch needs not only the perfect design of the designer, but also high-quality materials to reflect its value! With a full set of top original packaging. Rest assured to buy gifts and keep them first choice!


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