Patek Ferry AQUANAUT series



Exclusive launch of high-end customized version, Patek Ferry AQUANAUT series
With the most minimalist way to perfectly embody the essence of Patek Ferry, a combination of bold design and orthodox purity, this watch has become one of Patek’s flagship products! The perfect size of the watch is 40, which is made of imported stainless steel by multi-process grinding. The original uniform thickness 8.1 mm watch case is made of 18k gold. Gtc China authoritative appraisal certificate. Can be tested and queried! Equipped with the original ultra-thin movement. Made up of 100 parts, a small and powerful internal organs, perfect reproduction, dial design is also quite unique, brown literal flicker with light, individual relief dial, exquisite three-dimensional block. The whole watch looks three-dimensional and advanced! The glass is made of sapphire super hard crystal glass. Anti-reflection, anti-scratching. The original imported silicone strap is very comfortable and suitable for all kinds of wrists. It is easy to wear with the original butterfly buckle. The strongest comfort. Its unique modeling style has never been ignored, using both round and square, non-round non-square shape, personality design reveals elegant atmosphere! Let people know at a glance that Patek Ferry, bright multicolor, show unique charm, the number is not many first-come-first-served!


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