Patek Philippe Classical Series



Patek Philippe Classical Series-5227 watch is extremely elegant, classic timeless, low-key and perfect, handsome in the watch! The watch size 39mmX10.2mm upgrades the case polishing to make it more balanced and coordinated as a whole, exclusively restoring the unique warm and moist texture of the authentic product. Improve the connection mechanism between the dustproof cover and the shell to bring the same opening and closing experience as the authentic one. Scale and pointer, using the latest precious metal plating process, the effect please climb to another high-rise building. “pot cover” micro-convex blue watch mirror, the version is consistent with the authentic, the effect is transparent, clear when distinguishing. Use a customized version of the Cal.324 all-in-one-thinner, more stable, more like.
The classic Italian calf leather strap has a clear grain and excellent texture. The needle clasp is polished neatly and brightly, and there is no pressure in the original.


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