Patek Philippe Nautilus (Nautilus) series



The Patek Philippe Nautilus (Nautilus) series, commonly known as the “Steel King”, has a strong structure and unique personality, and the price is not too expensive compared with other styles of PP. This 5711 hand 1A stainless steel watch is a sports watch, although it does not have much timing function, but its movement design from the inside out is self-evident. But this watch is definitely not just suitable for sports, steady and low-key design, in daily wear, is also very outstanding. Well, what four eyes play with today is the blue dial model from the ultimate version of the Nautilus 5711 made in Taiwan. 40MM gauge diameter thickness 8.8MM, the size is very close to the original. The original scale luminous filling is pure white, and the pointer filling is with a touch of green. MKS, including PF, their fillers are all light green, so literally the Taiwanese factory is the closest. The final version of the English font below the 12 o’clock scale has been revised again to make the font larger and clearer than PF. Secondly, before the calendar section, the PF calendar window is smaller than the original font, including the calendar, and the calendar shows that individual fonts will appear to the right. The calendar window of the Taiwan Ultimate version includes that the font is slightly larger than PF and the font display is centered, and there is no calendar deviation. These are literal upgrades. The back-penetration design is adopted in the bottom cover of the watch, and the movement is equipped with the 9015 revised version of the Cal.324 movement, and the structure of the movement is more in line with the original structure. At present, the only Patek Philippe Cal.324 movement with the direction of the pendulum wheel has been modified, excluding the underlying basic movement. Splint after meticulous polishing, Geneva corrugated workmanship is meticulous, chicken blood gemstone is more bright and beautiful, stable and reliable.


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