Patek Philippe Sky Geneva Sky Series


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The latest Patek Philippe Star Geneva Sky Series 6102P can you imagine wearing the starry sky on your wrist? This starry watch has a special astrological function. On the blue dial, you can enjoy the picture of the firmament of Geneva and the trajectory of the golden moon. It takes 20 months to use 9015 to change the Cal.240Lu cl c fully automatic mechanical movement, which is consistent with the authentic. The moon on the dial will automatically change the watch case with 18k gold according to the full moon eclipse of the moon in the sky and send the formal national inspection according to the authoritative certificate.
The front and rear glass adopts advanced technology to improve the refraction of the glass, so that the dial looks more transparent and the back cover and glass also use the same concave shape as the authentic one to break the back cover of the traditional watch parallel to the glass. the white light case adjusts the head of the head on the precious stones such as the 6-position case and the jewel at the connection of the strap, the calendar and the moon dial turn the head! The function of the highest version of the market is the same as the authentic PP V4 version, the details are upgraded, and PP Pak Tak achieves the function of automatic transfer with the authentic full Sky Star! Upgrade calendar in the same order as the authentic one! 42 mm in diameter and 11 mm in thickness! The biggest highlight: Patek. The moon in the emerald sky will change according to the change of the moon in the sky! According to the lack of the full moon in the sky (the full moon in the beginning of January, the beginning of the 15th full moon) to the watch! A good gift is worth having!


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