Pena Hailumino series PAM1661 carbon fiber shell




Lumino series PAM1661 carbon fiber case, lightweight design, suitable for summer wear, 44×14.5mm, carbon fiber case, sapphire mirror, luminous scale pointer. The real tough guy style is very masculine! Show boundless charm with your hands. Who wears it and who looks cool! Pointer time scale super luminous. It makes it easy for you to control the time at night. In order to strive for perfection, with down-to-earth workmanship and stable quality, the highest top version on the market. The original consistent timing function, the hour hand can be adjusted quickly, the calendar can be adjusted quickly through the hour adjustment, GMT12 hour walk around, the function and all kinds of details are synchronized counter! The bottom cover glass is the same as the surface glass. 9 hardness sapphire glass. The unique crown design is very mechanical! You don’t have to think about your favorite partner to start directly. The real tough guy style shows the true character of a man! With a full set of top packaging!


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