Richard Mill RM35-01




[all-in-one machine true pendulum wheel white gem shock absorber] “RICHARDMILLE” Richards RM35-01 is a popular integrated RMUL 3 movement to release the latest creation of NTPT carbon fiber material style. RM35-01 has always been a popular style in the RM brand sales market, which has been sought after by many star tycoons, and the reproduction industry has been striving for perfection, constantly improving the differences in details, and detoxifying top enthusiasts. 🤟 case: the upper, middle and lower case is made of NTPT carbon fiber material, which is characterized by lightness, color retention and durability, and the surface texture is delicate, natural and unique. (non-inductive wear) 🤟 screws: after fine titanium sand spray treatment, Vickers hardness increases, the surface is sand gray (closer to the original). 🤟 movement: RMUL3 integrated movement, can move real pendulum wheel spring, movement surface sapphire shock absorber, movement bottom sapphire shock absorber and regulator outer post (closer to the original), real movement gear, 12:00 carbon black gear, farewell to false splint movement. 🤟 size: long 49.94mm, wide 42.70mm, thick 14.05mm, consistent with the original. 🤟 watch mirror: sapphire crystal mirror (anti-scratch), with blue light coating, anti-glare treatment on both sides. 🤟 watch strap: natural fluorine rubber material, ergonomic hand-to-hand skin-friendly design (slim girls can also wear normally). 🤟 clasp: double-headed spring folded buckle (easy to wear). 🤟 waterproof: strengthen waterproof, better than similar products in the market. 💍 produced by ZY


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