Rolex Greenwich!




The latest style of the official website [the new product is unstoppable] understand that there is not much in stock ♛ Rolex top-quality new product Sprite left-handed “new mileage” break through the boundary and enter the 2022 Greenwich GMT V4 black-green ceramic circle shocking listed steel using authentic imported 904L raw materials forging and grinding and other processes, adhere to the commitment not to mix beads with ordinary steel Synchronous original equipped with 3186 / 2836 machine-fully automatic mechanical movement, accurate and stable travel time, professional testing and inspection, zero return repair! The embodiment is as follows: 1: the same as the original GMT dual time zone hands at the bottom of the second layer above the hour hand, from bottom to top order: hour hand-dual time zone hand-minute-second. 2: the same function as the original version to adjust the calendar by debugging the clockwise jump. 3: diameter: 40mm special anti-scratch sapphire mirror, “the dial luminous Ding uses platinum plating,” more beautiful and high texture, super luminous effect shows that the original is almost the same, the real Wang Fang breaks through the technical barrier and synchronizes the original crown up vertically, and the waterproof performance is super good!


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