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The happiness of the rich is so simple and unadorned, the gold watch in the real sense is coming, the whole body is covered with 18k gold, the thickness is up to 5um GTC China authoritative certification certificate, the network can be checked! Watch diameter 41mm, loaded with Swiss original eta-2836 movement, lifetime warranty! The journal type II is a member of the Rolex oyster family, inheriting the characteristics of the oyster type constant motion watch introduced in 1945. The journal type II made its debut in 2009 and is the first choice for those who advocate classics and pursue innovation. This classic revisit watch has its unique charm and dignity. The diary watch is a classic of modern watches and the world’s first waterproof, self-winding watch with a calendar display window on the dial. This was an unparalleled technological innovation at that time, and the log type got its name. The triangular pit ring has always been regarded as the iconic design of the diary watch, making the Rolex diary watch the most recognizable model. When the oyster watch was born in 1926, the triangle pit pattern had a specific purpose: to tighten the outer ring to the fixed position on the case to ensure the precise waterproof performance of the watch. The oyster case plays an important role in the history of Rolex. The watch case gets its name because it can be as airtight as an oyster shell. With the help of two major inventions, the screw-in bottom cover and the screw-in waterproof top crown, the watch works perfectly in the water. The screw-in bottom cover of the screw-on crown and case is the core of the oyster watch. Created by Rolex in 1953, the double-buckle lock ensures that the screw-in crown is completely waterproof, depending on the two sealing areas in the tube and the crown. All oyster watches are equipped with this device, which is waterproof to a depth of 100 meters. The oyster strap is the embodiment of perfect shape, function, aesthetics and technology. This metal strap was launched in the late 1930s and consists of three rows of wide, flat links. It is extremely strong and has always been the most widely used watch strap in the oyster series. Influenced by the pioneer chronograph log type, the log type II has a calendar window at 3 o’clock. The date changes instantly in a few milliseconds in the wee hours of the morning. The convex enlarged calendar window invented by Rolex in 1953 magnifies the date 2.5 times for easy reading.


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