Rolex oyster constant motion series




Rolex Oyster constant Motion Series m126000-0006 two “Tiffany Blue” colors
[ceiling Rui machine] Rolex oyster constant motion series 36mm, the most moderate neutral size, bring out women’s “atmosphere” men’s “charm” good products can talk “high quality does not need excessive grandiose publicity! In order to ensure the quality of the original version is consistent, the use of Switzerland’s top SW200 automatic mechanical movement, movement performance is stable and reliable, regardless of durability and earthquake resistance are comparable to ZP! Really achieve “once and for all” can be passed on! 6 o’clock position on the sapphire glass anti-counterfeiting Rolex crown shadow icon, the opposite version of the super ice blue luminous polished word nail, the only opposite version of the literal color, the opposite version of the full brushed steel strip chamfering round without cutting hands, in order to let guests get more exquisite products plus our quality-oriented concept, we also buy the original version of development unlike the market to take the old model or look at the official picture to develop, that kind of take is easy to see fake We are all genuine 1:1 mold to do, 98% of the appearance details are basically error-free, it is difficult to distinguish between true and false without opening the back cover, welcome to compare. The original 904 steel material, exquisite to gadgets are 904, it is not easy to do this, you know, the counter is hard to get, the official price is 46, the market price is 56, and it may not be in stock. You can buy appearance and watch for thousands of yuan. A hanging tag. Bao card “three codes in one” and provide the official website QR code, scan the QR code to check the configuration information, distinguish between ordinary goods, goods are good, you will know when you get started, welcome to compare and test, with a full set of packaging, self-use is very cost-effective!
Color: 9 colors
Dial: diameter 36mm


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