Rolex submersible series watches




In the ordinary version of the field, the real gold watch came to ‼️.
The whole body is covered with 18K gold, with a thickness of 5umGTC China authoritative certification certificate, 100% real gold, ‼️ can be found on the Internet.
The Rolex Voyager series is an example of a classic watch. The Golden Ghost is known as the king of the Water Ghost series, and it is the classic ❗️ in the classic. Today’s update is the latest official size, ⚠️ diameter 41mm ⚠️ with 3235 caliber, lifetime warranty! The case is made of Rolex gold steel (a combination of 904L stainless steel and 18K gold), with black and blue dials, Cerachrom ceramic rings and gold-coated numbers, stylish and dignified. The crown uses a triple-locked crown, which can be said to be a triple waterproof system developed by Rolex for the underwater Voyager type. The three-buckle lock device is composed of 10 groups of different parts. after the configuration is completed, the oyster watch case can be completely sealed and the strong protection is comparable to that of the submarine cabin door. The bracelet is made of classic oyster strap, three rows of links and gold steel, which is extremely sturdy and durable. The metal drawing design shows a strong metal texture. The ergonomically designed ear and oyster strap are perfectly integrated and are very comfortable to wear. The patented Glidelock buckle has the advantage that even if the diver is wearing a diving suit, he can easily adjust the strap without using any tools; the sturdy toothed parts under the buckle can extend the strap to 20 mm in length of 2 mm per bar. Sapphire mirror, super luminous, watch strap workmanship polished very fine, everywhere highlight the details of the achievements of the classic! ⚠️ does not take apart to look at the appearance and performance of the movement is basically the same as the original ❗ bought our green ghost water ghost presumably we do not need to talk about this nonsense, full package delivery ‼️


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