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Rolex Journal “the latest version of cattle” is on sale! Rolex “journal” can be regarded as a model of classic watches, both functional and aesthetic style, are always new for a long time. Launched in 1945, this watch is the world’s first self-winding watch with a calendar window at 3 o’clock, bringing together all the major innovations of Rolex’s time and marking a milestone in modern watch making. The diary watch has gone through the baptism of the years and still maintains its everlasting aesthetic style, so the diary watch has become one of the most famous watches that can be easily identified. This version uses Rolex special 904 stainless steel material, to know that the current technical level can achieve a perfect appearance, details, is not a problem! The most important thing is that our movement replacement scheme is to use the Swiss imported SW200 automatic mechanical movement! The real stability and durability is not inferior to that of the ZP movement! Will really let you once and for all, the classic can be passed on! The original movement, you can think of Rolex’s original movement is not for sale, even if you can get the after-sale channel movement price of several W. We don’t brag or brag and actually do the details! Dial diameter 36mm, sapphire wear-resistant mirror, watch case strap workmanship polished very fine, airtight bottom case does not take apart to see the appearance of the movement is the same as the original! Full package! The price is very powerful!


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