Rolex Universe Design Ditona




New hard goods! Rolex Ditone is here! The order is accompanied by a pair of Rolex special tape + storage box + special tools for watch interception, buy one get three free!
Cosmic design COSMOGRAPHDAYTONA was born in 1963, the latest style galloped in the new technology of chronograph watches, breaking through the limits of refinement and dignity.
Fengchi enjoys speed, earnestly pursues skills, pays attention to noble materials, and the cosmic design Ditona is created entirely for those who advocate the ultimate life.
The cosmic design Ditona was born in 1963 and has been inextricably bound to the racing car. On the surface, the name of the famous American racing track is engraved in red: “DAYTONA” (Ditona).
The Universe Design is equipped with CERACHROM rings exclusively developed by Rolex and made of top-grade pottery. This precision chronometer is approved by the Swiss Chronograph Center and is equipped with the highest level of 7750 fully automatic mechanical movement. Size 40cm, depth waterproof 100m, not satisfied does not affect the secondary sales package return and replacement, welcome to compare! Lifetime warranty, with full package.


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