Rolex women’s wear log series




Rolex women’s journal-type 28-inch log series, imported original Swiss 2671 movement! The women’s diary type oyster case is a model of firmness, elegance and perfect proportion. 316L stainless steel is used to forge the stainless steel watch case with high corrosion resistance. this superalloy is not only very durable and easy to polish, even in the most extreme environment, its beauty is still undiminished, its performance is extremely stable, its shock resistance and geometric structure enable the movement to operate regularly in any position, and the triangular pit bottom cover is tightened with special tools. The watch case is completely sealed, and the upper chain crown adopts a double buckle lock double waterproof system, which is firmly fastened to the watch case to make it more waterproof, while the mirror is made of scratch-resistant blue crystal and a small window convex lens is installed at 3 o’clock to facilitate reading the date. The women’s diary-type waterproof oyster case gives the best protection to the high-precision movement and a new covert connection under the watch strap and outer ring. To ensure a seamless connection between the strap and the case, the redesigned commemorative strap is equipped with a new generation of hidden crown buckle, which is opened with a hinged Rolex crown logo, while the oyster strap style is equipped with a folded oyster buckle. Rolex classic women’s watch has always been synonymous with elegant style and accurate timekeeping, condensing the elegant temperament and unique functions of the journal type into a small and exquisite case. More suitable for women’s slender wrists, unsatisfied with refund and replacement, lifetime warranty.


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