Rolex yacht celebrity type




Thank you for waiting! Rolex yacht celebrity type! A Rolex that girls can wear! Deliver as soon as you place the order! Random baseball caps and storage boxes and special truncation tools ~ whether it is going out to play or getting together with relatives and friends, Rolex yacht celebrities and oyster-style constant-motion explorer watches record every moment of windward exploration and every minute of reunion and laughter. Universal men and women, longevity classic, the original 904 steel material, can do this is not easy, you know, counters are difficult to obtain, yacht Mingshi is already 95, 000 market price, you can spend thousands of yuan to buy the appearance of the material equivalent reproduction is also a comfort, the focus of our movement replacement program is the Swiss import ETA2824-2, decades is no problem, so that you once and for all Classics can be passed on! Many people on the market boast about installing the 3135 original movement. It is really deaf people who hear the mute say that the blind man has seen a ghost. In fact, it is a domestic machine to change the deck. It looks like the 3135 movement but is very unstable. What is the concept of the 3135 movement? there is no Rolex ace movement in the world that can conquer its movement. The official price of a movement after sale is around 15,000 and it takes two months to wait. We don’t boast, don’t trumpet, actually do the details, dial diameter 40mm. Sapphire mirror, super luminous, the watch strap workmanship is very good, do not take apart the appearance of the movement looks basically the same as the original! As an example of a nautical watch, the Rolex yacht Mingshi 40 has a rotating outer ring and is decorated with polished numbers and scales. This unique outer ring fully shapes the outstanding personality and extraordinary function of the watch. Full package! The price is very powerful!


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