New hard goods! Here comes the Rolex explorer! Wear a Rolex with a very low collision rate! No, not on the street! The Green Water Ghost is not as handsome as you! Leave yesterday’s self in yesterday, today, hello! The dial is 42mm in diameter and the enlarged calendar with a small window is very easy to read. Superior texture makes it more comfortable to wear. The reason why Rolex is called “once and for all”, in addition to anti-manufacturing and amazing value preservation rate, but also the industry-leading timing accuracy, we loaded this explorer with the original Swiss ETA-2836 movement, the reputation of the Swiss machine is well known, accurate stability is not to say! Lifetime warranty! Rolex’s classic appearance and exquisite craftsmanship are highly sought after by the market, feeling very low-key and calm, like a person who does not like publicity and showing off wealth, but looking at the details carefully, there is a kind of youthful publicity and vitality, fresh and simple white disk and deep and pure black disk, like the clean earth after snow and snow melting, and an eye-catching orange pointer lies on it, just like the signal lights on the wilderness. Worthy of being an explorer! With a full set of packaging!


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