Rolex’s new “three generations of Blue Water Ghost”




The new Rolex “third-generation Blue Water Ghost” spends a lot of money on the research and development of “ceiling level” so that metal accessories can be interchangeable with authentic products. The dial size 41mm adopts nickel-containing 904L stainless steel with the same size as 100%ZP, which is wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, and the surface is glossy and white. The ring mouth uses imported ceramic C-ring platinum scale three-dimensional clear and neatly filled with Swiss BGW9 super luminous, does not fade to enlarge to see the water chestnut is clear and uses the mosaic type fixed counterclockwise rotation sound crisp to have the feel! Perfect combination of watch case and strap with chamfering polishing feel round appearance sanding very delicate and glossy, excellent workmanship really up to the ZP standard, perfect detail presentation, kill all market goods! Really shoot a good product will talk without grandiose publicity! The latest third-generation water ghost we use the well-known Swiss ETA2824 automatic movement, so that no matter the stability and accuracy can be comparable to ZP, and the bottom cover is not really necessary (most of the domestic imitation 3135 movements are used in the market). ETA2824 is really a big Swiss company movement with 10 to decades is no problem, really let you once and for all, the classic can be inherited! This watch will certainly not let you down! Packed in the original box! Whether things look good, details, workmanship and color! Watch lifetime warranty! Don’t worry about buying! First choice for self-preservation and gift-giving!


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