Scarce underwater navigator




New fashion style! Exclusive starter! Rolex’s real scarce submersible is made of all-titanium steel. Rolex and Surprise joint name. It’s super invincible. Equipped with 3130 bottom movement, the operation principle of the whole movement can be seen, and the custom-made autopilot has obvious advantages. The movement is stable and the timing is accurate. Pointer, shell, surface, all structural details are the same as the original. The case of the strap is made of titanium steel. It is characterized by strong acid resistance, strong alkali resistance, no discoloration, no allergy and no deformation. Hard and wear-resistant. Bright and bright. And can further prevent oxidation or easy corrosion. Bezel night-luminescent pearl uses the original consistent special lathe process stamping, never fall off! Pointer consistent with the original core process to break the limit of the ordinary version, ceramic ring mosaic technology, the use of the same as the original beer pressing process, never fall off seamless docking! Original consistent glass sinking, consistent with the authentic no sense of bulge, three-dimensional pointer, full of movement. The original S L_BGW9 luminous material imported from Switzerland. So that you can easily control the time at night! With a full set of top original packaging. Rest assured to buy your own money and support refund and exchange if you are not satisfied with it.


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