Taiwan factory V12-new product incoming ⌚️ Santos



The fashionable style has been returned [Taiwan factory V12-new product ⌚️ Santos]
It took a year for the original mold to be continuously improved and finally shipped. ‼️ Taiwan factory has been continuously launching one sales champion after another with the style of improving, and the sales miracle.
Imported “tapered” Lambao Mirror ➕ Taiwan Factory exclusive shell sleeve (100% waterproof) ➕ Zhengmingzhu automatic movement (zero repair) 🏅️🏅️
Brand: card Asia (men’s favorite)
Type: Sandox series (sales champion)
Watch strap: real cowhide strap
Shell sleeve: the “water chestnut Radian elastic sand car line” is made of positive 316L stainless steel, which is polished with the same process as the authentic one.
Can’t do this effect.
Mirror: imported “tapered” sapphire glass (never scratched)
Movement: (zero return repair)
Size: 38mm 47.5 thickness 11MM
Waterproof rings: they are all authentic “yellow” in the same hue, not other versions of black on the market.


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