Universal pilot’s Chronograph




Send as soon as you place the order: an imported American crocodile belt! Model IW377713, the new model starts! Hard stuff! Channel export order! Original! The lack of a dealer seal is authentic! The Universal pilot’s Chronograph has the typical qualities of a high-performance watch: accuracy, functionality and reliability. Mechanical six-hand chronograph, this waterproof 6-bar pilot’s watch with cowhide strap, our original Swiss Eta-7750 automatic mechanical movement (that is, the 79320 named by Wanguo itself), anti-dazzling sapphire glass, formal 43mm diameter, never get tired of it, it’s hard to get a watch at the counter! Bao card and hanging tag all have labelled models and watch ID numbers. I am really happy for you to get such a perfect product. Cost performance is invincible, exclusive source!


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