Vacheron Constantin!



TWFactory, made by Taiwan factory, the market’s highest version of Vacheron Constantin historical masterpiece series 3100V Dot 000RB 4220 calendar multi-function watch, 1: equipped with the authentic movement, the pendulum wheel is completely consistent with the authentic, all functions can be used normally. 2: the four corner radians of the watch case are improved, the color radians of the dial are more suitable, the 12 scales are polished more delicate, and the whole is closer to the counter! 3: with Italian cowhide to make the wrist more comfortable! Jiang Shi produced by TW factory. Denton’s hereditary series integrates Jiang Shi. Denton’s most unique DNA is the symbol of Vacheron Constantin’s extreme elegance and fully embodies the purest tradition of Haute Horlogerie! Suitable for all kinds of business occasions, simple and refined without losing elegance! TW boutique copy, please taste!


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