Vacheron Constantin series of watches across the world



High-end boutique release: Vacheron Constantin series watches, the original 1:1 mold set sail, together! Literally: VC family cross Logo uses diamond knife cutting technology to optimize the market version of Logo chubby problem, literal oil pressure triangle lines better profound texture, nail scale filled with Swiss imported luminous powder to ensure that the night light is brighter and better lasting! 🎮 case: size 42mm, original blessed 1:1 restore the original structure, divided into ring mouth, middle case, solid machine cover, bottom cover four parts, the watch case lines are smooth, the bottom cover sailboat relief is more vivid than the market version! Watch band: Italian calfskin, with human body design aesthetic activity headgrain to make the wearer better fit the wrist! Movement: equipped with imported 9019 movement with so-called “zero” fault, and model 9019 movement with low needle, which ensures that the distance between literal and glass needles is the same as the original! TWA- is designed to create perfect formal attire!


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